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For the record, all of your favorite celebrities have a team of beauty professionals on speed dial dubbed as their “glam squad.” These are the people who make sure your favorite A-Listers look #flawless from head-to-toe — no exceptions. 

But when you are Oprah Winfrey, a glam “squad” will never do when it comes to hitting the red carpet. She calls on her “glam staff” instead. Peep the difference. 

The queen of media took to her Instagram to share with us how she got ready step-by-step for the flashing cameras of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. And, per usual, it was like a boss! Hair done, nails done, everything did! 

It all started with a meeting with Anastasia Soare, who Oprah referred to as the “woman who started the whole brow thang,” for perfectly shaped arches. No wavy brows here, people!

Oprah wouldn’t be Oprah without her signature hair ‘do! Celebrity hairstylist Nicole Mangrum made sure every strand was together, including a quick color touch-up.

You thought Oprah was going to skip getting her toes done? Think again. She called on Gloria L. Williams (aka The Footnanny) to polish her to perfection. Naturally, it looks like Chanel and Louboutin nail polish were Oprah’s brands of choice.

Fix that face! Celebrity makeup artist Derrick Rutledge beat that face to make sure our favorite queen of media was ready for her close-up on the carpet.

Before hopping in the limo (she’s not taking Uber y’all!), Oprah slipped on a custom ivory-and-black tuxedo by Elizabeth Kennedy

That’s how you get ready for a red carpet like a powerhouse! Take note, ladies.