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As a curly girl, I already know that our hair tends to be rebellious. From finding the perfect products to tame our curls to battling summer with its constant humidity, it can be a lot to handle. I know that it all comes with the territory, but it can be an uphill battle.

What also comes with the territory of having curly hair are the many things that people say. There is always someone that loves to chime in about our lovely locks. Here are eight things that someone just has to say every time they admire our tresses. We’re totally tired of hearing ’em.

1. “Can I touch your hair?”

Let me give you a quick answer… NO.

2. “You would look so cute if you straightened your hair!”

I already do look cute.

3. “Why don’t you just brush it?”

Easy: Because I don’t want to look like a lion.

4. “Do you really need that many hair products?”

Catch me at product junkies anonymous.

5. “Is that your real hair?”

Yes, yes, 1,000 times yes!

6. “How do you get your hair curly?”

There is no magic potion

7. “I use this 2-in-1 shampoo that you’ll just love.”

Girl, bye.

8. “I love that whole ‘wild’ look that you have going on.”

*Insert eye roll here.*