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19 Fun Ways To Style Afro Textured Hair For Prom

Growing up, it was damn near impossible for me to read a magazine or go on a style website and see people with my hair type represented. Nobody was giving tips to black girls about how to do their hair. It was like we didn’t exist, it was like nobody with curly,...

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7 Reasons 4C Hair is the Best!

So many ladies are hung up in the belief that 4C hair type is hard to manage and filled with limitations. When the truth is…our hair rocks! Find out your Hair Type here Before we get into 7 reasons why we should all show 4C hair some more love a little about me and my...

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The Haircut I Never Thought I’d Get

 It was early afternoon on a Wednesday when I found myself in the chair of hairstylist and Hair Rules salon cofounder Anthony Dickey with 70% of my hair sprinkled at my feet. What the actual fuck was I thinking? I said to myself as I looked down in sadness at my...

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