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New Natural Hair Emjoi

Among the new emojis slated for release in 2018 (a list that includes cupcakes, microbes, abacuses, firecrackers and 12, yes twelve, redheaded characters), it’s the emojis with natural hair that have iPhone users buzzing. Some have lauded the update, heralding...

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Fix Your Hair’s Split Ends, With Wheat Gluten

The secret to shinier, healthier hair may be sitting on the shelves of your local Asian grocery. Wheat gluten—a protein from wheat flour commonly used as a meat substitute—may be able to rebuild broken chemical bonds in hair protein, according to a new study. But the...

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Lupita Nyong’o is Featured in Allure Magazine

From afros to braids, the star shines in natural hair looks   Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o slayed her latest magazine feature with a bevy of natural hairstyles. The Black Panther star talked about her hair journey with Allure magazine. When Nyong’o shot...

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Amara La Negra Takes Her Braids Out! Baam!

This is the real me. Take it or leave it. I am who I am and I stand behind my message of staying true to who you are and Whatever makes you happy. Is my Afro real? Yes. I naturally do have an Afro. Do I us extensions? Yes. I use extensions to enhance what I already...

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 8 Things Curly-Haired Girls Are Sick & Tired Of Hearing

As a curly girl, I already know that our hair tends to be rebellious. From finding the perfect products to tame our curls to battling summer with its constant humidity, it can be a lot to handle. I know that it all comes with the territory, but it can be an uphill...

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